Perfect water is of vital importance in commercial hospitality. From spotless dishes to crystal clear ice, from piping hot espressos to refreshing cocktails, water plays a vital role in the daily operation of any food service establishment. With that in mind, you’ll want to be sure your equipment only uses water of the finest quality available.

H2Optimo gives you fresh, crisp, ingredient-quality H2O, ensuring that the beverages you serve will consistently please your guests with unsurpassed taste and smell, and no discoloration. In addition to reducing unwanted chemicals in your water, H2Optimo also helps protect against wear on carbonator pumps, solenoids, and valves, saving you the cost of expensive repairs or replacement of your valuable fountain equipment.

H2Optimo gives you sparkling clean, odor-free ice that will enhance your guests’ enjoyment of their beverages. Meanwhile, H2Optimo effectively inhibits the growth of bacteria and slime build-up inside your ice machine. It enables your machine to operate efficiently, resulting in higher ice production and lower incidences of machine failure and expensive emergency maintenance calls.

H2Optimo gives you confidence that your equipment will perform reliably for customers who need their caffeine boost. While maximizing heating efficiency, creating unrestricted water flow, and protecting against corrosion, H2Optimo also protects your equipment against damage to internal parts caused by hard water, and protects you against exclusions from equipment warranty policies that can stem from hard water damage.

H2Optimo gives you clean, healthy, delicious water straight from your tap. This is a triple victory! H2Optimo saves you money over bottled water, it lowers consumption of plastic bottles, and it protects your well-being by serving as a first line of defense between you and over two thousand toxins which may be present in unfiltered household water.

H2Optimo gives you an increased lifespan for your steamer, as well as more efficient operation on a daily basis. No longer will you need to spend money on chemicals for descaling, since H2Optimo protects against both scale and corrosion. With H2Optimo you’ll eliminate the downtime needed for steamer maintenance and say goodbye to the headache of costly repairs.

H2Optimo gives you spotless dishes, glassware and utensils. Customers expect no less than perfection when it comes to clean dishes, and H2Optimo allows you to serve them with pride. H2Optimo reduces the consumption and enhances the effectiveness of detergents, meanwhile preserving the operating efficiency and lifespan of your vital dishwashing equipment, saving you the cost of repairs or even replacement.

Our broad product portfolio has solutions to all your water problems. We combine robust technologies with ease of use. We only replace the consumables only when needed and at your convenience.


Whe are the one stop shop for water improvement, we provide sales and marketing support. All of this is realized by a team of experienced highly-motivated multi-lingual industry experts.


Since 2014 erie water treatment has entered a new segment market with it's H2Optimo solutions for commercial hospitality. A natural evolution seen our rich history...


In 1947 Erie was the very first company ever in the world, to develop and manufacture an automatic regeneration control valve for ion exchange water softeners. Shortly after the turn of the century, after almost 60 years of development and manufacture of control valves, the strategic decision was taken to focus on complete water treatment systems and solutions, for use in a wide range of applications, like residential, commercial hospitality,...


With product development, manufacturing and sales operations in the United States, Europe and Asia, erie water treatment is set out to remain at the forefront of the global water treatment industry.

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